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            Robert Greenfield, Ph.D.

         Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, EMDR

Someone for You, in Your Corner

I think of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and EMDR therapy as "safe places," where one can "just be," where a person can speak, express, explore, struggle, and look into and listen to oneself.  It is a place to go when one feels depressed, anxious, angry, frightened, confused, numb, divided, or at an impasse.

Every person has problems and issues to solve.  Sometimes it is a job, a relationship, a tormenting or obsessive thought, trouble with food or drink, medical illness, divorce, a loss, a vague feeling that something is not quite right, or a lack of interest or motivation.  Sometimes it involves a struggle for meaning, while other times it involves being socially isolated, feeling a lack of connection to others, or a lack of connection to, or division of, oneself.  Some people feel lost, seemingly stuck in self-defeating behavior(s), and/or desiring more from life, while others feel an existential angst, missing a personal spirit, a sense of animation, a lack of intimacy, and a vulnerability that leaves them
compulsively unsatisfied and seeking more and more stimulation.  Moreover, survivors of prolonged child maltreatment have often grown up in family environments that failed to teach them many of the fundamental daily-living skills required for effective adult functioning, and that this, as much as the discrete incidents of abuse to which they have been subjected, is the source of many of their difficulties.  

While problems are definite, solutions are often hard to come by.  Custom-made, they are personal, and require care, patience, and a sustained attention to come forth.  And sometimes one can't do it alone.  Therapy offers the chance to delve into your unique complexity and depth and suffering in the presence of another person - a therapist who is your advocate, a witness whose presence makes your struggle bearable.  By  understanding our relationship and how difficulties show up in it too, we can retrace the steps that lead to pain and mark out a new path. 
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